Interface LogMetaProvider

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultLogMetaProvider, ThreadLogMetaProvider

public interface LogMetaProvider

Controls the creation LogMeta instances. This class is designed to the responsibility of creating the LogMeta instances that a Logger needs to pass to the Listeners. Example usages: - Adding extra data to the LogMeta instances, such as the thread name that initiated the log request. The ThreadLogMetaProvider provides this functionality. - Passing control information to the Listeners that allows them to better process the log messages. (This is most useful when there are multiple LogMetaProviders of different types in play, and the Listeners need to be able to determine what kinds of messages they are getting and what to do with them. - If an application is altering its perception of the current time, this allows easily changing the timestamps used in a log. (This usage is very application independent, some applications may want "real" timestamps even if the system believes time is different, and some applications may wish their logs to be in sync to verify that events are occurring when they are expected relative to some well-defined epoch.) The DefaultLogMetaProvider provides this functionality.

Method Summary
 LogMeta create(Severity severity)

Method Detail


LogMeta create(Severity severity)