Interface LogMeta

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultLogMeta, ThreadLogMeta

public interface LogMeta

Describes the additional data that accompanies a log statement: when it occurred, severity, who caused it, etc. This will be created by the Logger and will be passed to its Listeners. The listeners will use this to help format the leading text of each log message. Its is recommended that this object be immutable. Note: Future implementations may reduce this object down to having no methods, and letting the Logger and Listeners determine what information should be captured and logged (respectively). They were not removed at the time this class was implemented due to the difficulty of changing so many APIs. Note 2: I'm not enamoured with the name of this interface. Suggestions are welcome.)

Method Summary
 Date getEpoch()
 Severity getSeverity()

Method Detail


Date getEpoch()


Severity getSeverity()