Package logahawk

Interface Summary
FilterLogger.Filter Accepts or rejects the provided log statement.
Indentor Create the indent String for ArgumentFormatters for use in multi-line results.
Logger The core logging class.
LoggerRegistry Provides access to Loggers instances based on String keys or Class.getName().

Class Summary
AbstractContainer<T> An abstract base class to help implement the various container classes such as ArgumentFormatterContainer, SignatureFormatterContainer, ListenerContainer, etc.
AbstractLogger An implementation of Logger that redirects all the Severity specific methods to the general Logger.log(Severity, Object...) method.
BlockingQueueLogger Queues log requests in a BlockingQueue, and a separate Logger to format and broadcast to Listeners in a separate Thread.
BufferedLogger A Logger implementation that buffers all log arguments (prior to any formatting).
FilterLogger A generic filtering Logger.
FlattenedMultiLogger A variation of MultiLogger that will flatten a hierarchy of FlattenedMultiLogger.
HashLoggerRegistry A map based implementation of LoggerRegistry.
HierarchicalLoggerRegistry A hierarchical based implementation of LoggerRegistry.
LogEntry Represents a single, un-formatted log entry.
MultiLogger A Logger implementation that forwards all logging messages to other Logger instances.
NullLogger A null object implementation of the Logger interface.
ProxyLogger Abstract base class creating proxy Logger implementations.
SeverityFilter Helper class to filter out log messages based on Severity.
SeverityFilterLogger This wraps another Logger only filters out log requests whose Severity that are disabled.
SeverityFilterLogger.SevFilterAdapter Adapts SeverityFilter to FilterLogger.Filter
SimpleIndentor Simple implementation of Indentor that repeats a provided string for the indent.
SimpleLogger A simple implementation of Logger.
Utils Provides various utility functions for the classes in this package.

Enum Summary
Severity Defines all Severity levels for log messages.