Class BufferedLogger

  extended by logahawk.AbstractLogger
      extended by logahawk.BufferedLogger
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public class BufferedLogger
extends AbstractLogger

A Logger implementation that buffers all log arguments (prior to any formatting). This class does not flush its listenerEntries

Field Summary
protected  Queue<List<Object>> entries
          The Queue used to hold log arguments.
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Constructor Summary
          Initializes the entries field with a ConcurrentLinkedQueue, which ensure the thread-safety of this class.
BufferedLogger(Queue<List<Object>> queue)
Method Summary
 Queue<List<Object>> getEntries()
 void log(Severity severity, Object... data)
          Logs message with a provide Severity.
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Field Detail


protected final Queue<List<Object>> entries
The Queue used to hold log arguments. The Queue should be thread-safe, as this class does no additional synchronizing beyond what the Queue provides. The default constructor initializes this to a ConcurrentLinkedQueue which ensures thread-safety. Each entry the log arguments from a single call to one of the various log messages, which is converted to a List using Arrays.asList(Object[])

Constructor Detail


public BufferedLogger()
Initializes the entries field with a ConcurrentLinkedQueue, which ensure the thread-safety of this class.


public BufferedLogger(Queue<List<Object>> queue)
queue - The Queue instance to be used for the entries field. Note that this Queue must be thread-safe for this class to be thread-safe.
Method Detail


public Queue<List<Object>> getEntries()


public void log(Severity severity,
                Object... data)
Description copied from interface: Logger
Logs message with a provide Severity. Useful for dynamically determined Severity messages.

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log in interface Logger
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log in class AbstractLogger