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The pre-compiled libraries, source code, and supplemental code can be found on Files page for Logahawk on SourceForge.net. There are three separate packages:
  • Core Package - logahawk-x.y.z.tar.gz
  • Source Package - logahawk-x.y.z-src.jar
  • Javadoc Package - logahawk-x.y.z.javadoc.jar
Core Package
The pre-compiled source code in standard JAR format. You will definitely need this. You will also need the following dependencies:
Source Package

Contains all the source code (obviously). This includes source code for everything in the Core Package, and also includes the source code for the unit tests and supplemental (i.e. example) code.

The source source code is mostly example code. It contains the example Listeners implementation described on the Integration page.

Javadoc Package
The Javadocs for the Core Package. You will need this for offline browsing. Also some IDEs allow referencing JARs containing Javadocs.
You can also access the Subversion repository directory. This contains everything, including the source code to the website. You can either check out the source here.