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Goals Update

I've packaged up some minor updates as Logahawk 1.0.1. The next release will be in the 1.1.x line, and will have some API changes.

The Logahawk code was originally part of other projects. I was a mini-framework inside a larger, more domain-specific framework or application. Since I've pulled it out and made it stand alone, I can readibly see a lot of improvements and changes that would make Logahawk better. So the 1.1.x line is work in that direction. Some of the commits are already in subversion.

I feel it necessary to point out that the 1.0.x line of Logahawk is not unstable or anything. Its more the initial cut -- solid, stable, unchanging. If you need some of the newer constructs from the later stuff use them instead.

I've also pushed Goals to a separate page, and clarified and expanded on each goal.